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A Guide to My Mathematical Career

Goodrich C. White Professor Emeritus

Heilbrun Distinguished Emeritus Fellow 2017-2018

Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science
Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322
phone: 404-727-7924 FAX: 404-727-5611
Office: E429 Mathematics and Sciences Building
400 Dowman Drive

Here is my personal web page. It should provide you with almost any professional information about me you may want. (Your life must be dull if you are looking here!) My research interests are mainly in extremal graph theory. Problems dealing with paths, cycles, matchings, connectivity, coloring and classic Turan type extremal theory have all gained my interest. I am certainly best known for my work on path and cycle problems. Other topics of interest include ramsey theory, hypergraphs and most recently, problems in structural graph theory. General combinatorics and computer science are side interests.

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    From Dover Books on Mathematics, 2012 Reprinting of:

    From CRC Press: Winner of American Library Association Choice Award - Outstanding Academic Titles, 2010.

    Second Edition: Chinese translation Ed 1


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