Type Name Affiliation Title
Contributed Talk Alexey Voronin University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Practical Advances in High-Order Stokes Solvers: Robust Multigrid Preconditioners with AMG Integration
Contributed Talk Yannis Voet École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Preconditioning Techniques for Multiterm Generalized Sylvester Equations
Contributed Talk Alex Fedoseyev Ultra Quantum Inc. Preconditioned IDR Solution Methods in Scientific and Industrial Applications
Contributed Talk Juan Calvo University of Costa Rica Robust Domain Decomposition Methods for High-contrast Multiscale Problems on Irregular Domains
Contributed Talk Mingdong He University of Oxford Preconditioning for Topological Constraint Problem
Contributed Talk Shikhar Shah Georgia Institute of Technology Preconditioning finite difference Hamiltonian matrices from density functional theory
Contributed Talk Edmond Chow Georgia Institute of Technology Online machine learning for preconditioning a sequence of linear systems
Contributed Talk Hua Huang Georgia Institute of Technology Approximate factorized Nystrom preconditioner for kernel matrices
Contributed Talk Jonathan Lindbloom Dartmouth College Efficient Priorconditioning for Sparsity-Promoting Bayesian Inverse Problems
Contributed Talk Buu-Van Nguyen Delft University of Technology Development of preconditioning techniques for integrated energy systems
Contributed Talk Talal Alshehri Morgan State University Brain edema simulation by using domain decomposition methods
Contributed Talk Andrea Franceschini University of Padova Nesting Approximate Inverses for Improved Preconditioning and Algebraic Multigrid Smoothing
Contributed Talk Rachel Yovel Ben-Gurion University of the Negev LFA-tuned matrix-free multigrid for the elastic Helmholtz equation
Contributed Talk Yang Liu Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Augmenting linear solvers in fusion codes with neural operators
Contributed Talk Jun Liu Southern Illinois University Parallel-in-Time Iterative Methods for Pricing American Options

Minisymposium MS1: Preconditioned Linear Algebraic Techniques for Solving Inverse Problems
Organizers: Lucas Onisk and James Nagy
Speaker Lucas Onisk Emory University Effective Approximate Preconditioners for Linear Inverse Problems
Speaker Daniel Szyld Temple University A New Deflation Space for Preconditioned GMRES
Speaker Eric de Sturler Virginia Tech Preconditioning Linear Inverse Problems Using Randomization and Subspace Projection
Speaker Srinivas Eswar Argonne National Laboratory Randomized Approaches for Optimal Experiment Design

Minisymposium MS2: Parallel and Machine Learning Preconditioning Methods for Large Linear Systems
Organizers: Kees Vuik and Wil Schilders
Speaker Vassil Alexandrov Hartree Centre Prospective on Latest Advances of Scalable Hybrid Monte Carlo Methods for Linear Algebra
Speaker Jinqiang Chen TU Delft Matrix-Free Parallel Scalable Multilevel Deflation Preconditioning for the Helmholtz Equation
Speaker Hartwig Anzt The University of Tennessee Parallel ILU Preconditioners
Speaker Alena Kopanicakova Università della Svizzera italiana DeepONet-based Preconditioning for Krylov Methods

Minisymposium MS3: Nonlinear Preconditioning Techniques and Applications
Organizers: Xiao-Chuan Cai and Alexander Heinlein
Speaker Xiao-Chuan Cai University of Macau Some preconditioned inexact Newton methods with learning capabilities
Speaker Victorita Dolean TU Eindhoven Domain decomposition preconditioners and multi-scale approaches to solve stationary and time-dependent nonlinear equations
Speaker David Keyes King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Nonlinear Preconditioning for Implicit Solution of Discretized PDEs
Speaker Hardik Kothari Università della Svizzera italiana Exploring nonlinear preconditioning strategies for solving phase-field fracture problems
Speaker Rolf Krause Università della Svizzera italiana Accelerating training of neural networks using decomposition strategies
Speaker Conor McCoid Université Laval Adaptive optimised Schwarz methods

Minisymposium MS4: Preconditioners for High Frequency Helmholtz Problems
Organizers: Kars Knook, Robert Kirby, and Drew Anderson
Speaker Kees Vuik and Vandana Dwarka TU Delft Towards scalable preconditioners for indefinite systems arising in electromagnetic simulations
Speaker Victorita Dolean TU Eindhoven Schwarz preconditioner with $H_k$-GenEO coarse space for the indefinite Helmholtz problem
Speaker Xavier Claeys Sorbonne Université Acceleration of non-local exchange in generalized optimized Schwarz methods
Speaker Shihua Gong The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Some observations of restricted additive and multiplicative Schwarz methods with local PMLs for Helmholtz problems

Minisymposium MS5: Recent Progress on Learning to Precondition with Graph Neural Networks
Organizer: Jie Chen
Speaker Paul Häusner Uppsala University Graph neural network based preconditioner for Krylov subspace methods
Speaker Ziyuan Tang University of Minnesota Graph Neural Networks for Selection of Preconditioners and Krylov Solvers
Speaker Jie Chen IBM Research Approximating the Inverse of a Sparse Linear Operator with Graph Neural Networks

Minisymposium MS6: Recent Advances in Saddle-Point and Double Saddle-Point Systems
Organizer: Chen Greif
Speaker Chen Greif The University of British Columbia Spectral Properties of Double Saddle-Point Systems
Speaker Massimiliano Ferronato University of Padova Block Triangular Preconditioners for Double Saddle-Point Problems Arising in Mixed Hybrid Coupled Poromechanics
Speaker Santolo Leveque Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa An Augmented Lagrangian Preconditioner for the Control of the Navier--Stokes Equations

Minisymposium MS7: Algebraic and Geometric Domain Decomposition Preconditioners for Complex Problems
Organizers: Victorita Dolean and Nicole Spillane
Speaker Christian Alber University of Heidelberg An MS-GFEM-based Augmented Lagrangian Preconditioner for Stokes Equations with Heterogeneous Viscosities
Speaker Xavier Claeys Sorbonne Université Substructuring the Hiptmair-Xu Preconditioner
Speaker Pierre Marchand INRIA Paris Saclay Overlapping Schwarz Preconditioner with Geneo Coarse Space for Nonlocal Equations
Speaker Nicole Spillane École Polytechnique An Algebraic Domain Decomposition Preconditioner

Minisymposium MS8: Preconditioning Techniques for Gaussian Processes
Organizers: Tianshi Xu and Mikhail Lepilov
Speaker Difeng Cai Southern Methodist University On Gaussian Kernel Matrices: Spectral Properties and Efficient Approximations
Speaker Mikhail Lepilov Emory University Spectral Shape Estimation of Kernel Matrices
Speaker Francesco Brarda Emory University Efficient Hybrid Spatial-Temporal Operator Learning
Speaker Tianshi Xu Emory University Efficient Preconditioned Unbiased Estimators in Gaussian Processes