Learning From Images

The REU/RET program focused on computational mathematics for reconstructing, analyzing, segmenting, and generating images. The research work is a collaborative effort between a group of undergraduate students, in-service math teachers, and mathematics faculty from Emory University. Four different research groups worked together on different projects under the theme “Learning from Images.” This provided undergraduate students and math teachers from around the nation numerous learning opportunities and a chance to conduct research in this area. Teachers were involved in research and able to create teaching materials that they can use in their classroom.

Seminar Schedule

Date Topic Speaker
May 24 Welcome, introductions, orientation Lars Ruthotto
June 1 Group discussions on expectations Bree Ettinger
June 7 Data and ethics Lance Waller and John Banja
June 14 Scientific Writing Bree Ettinger
June 21 Algorithmic bias Shalmali Joshi
June 28 Presentation skills: How not to give a talk Elizabeth Newman
July 5 Cloud Computing in Data Science Jeremy Jacobson
July 12 Public scholarship Carol Clark
July 19 Careers in Data Science Panel Samy Wu Fung, Clarissa Garvey, Marta D’Elia
July 26 Summary and reflection Bree Ettinger

Cohort Activities

To facilitate interactions across the teams and interactions with other faculties, our site emphasizes cohort activities. Even though the program ran virtually this year, the mentors and participants engaged in various formats. We held daily writing labs, midterm presentations, ad-hoc talks on various topics, and social events. The latter were organized by the participants themselves who got really creative and organized different virtual events such as reversi and jack box games, movie nights, chopped night, hot-takes presentations etc.


Learning from Images