Information for Applicants

Our site provides several funded summer research opportunities for undergraduate students and in-service high-school teachers. For summer 2022, applications can be submitted via our submission pages for REU applicants (that is, undergraduate students) and RET applicants (that is, in-service teachers). The application deadline is March 1 and we seek to finalize the roster by late March / early April.

We particularly encourage women, students from underrepresented groups, first-generation college students, and institutions where research programs in STEM are limited to apply.


Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate program at a US institution during the summer. Unfortunately, this means that students who are graduating in the spring semester are not eligible.

To be supported from our main grant, participants must be US citizens or lawful permanent residents. We do have some (albeit limited) additional funds to support international students. All participants must currently be enrolled at a US institution.

We hope that participants will be partially available during the virtual pre-REU/RET phase (typically three weeks in late May / early June). In this time frame we plan to have one hour of synchronous activity (for example, get-togethers, ice-breakers, team meetings, …).

We expect participants to be fully available during our core REU/RET phase and on campus for six weeks during the summer (typically from early June to the end of July).

Expectations and Pre-Requisites

The research projects are designed to be accessible to participants with a strong background in Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus, Differential Equations and elementary programming experience. To help participants learn other project-specific materials, our site includes a comprehensive research training plan and our mentors are experienced and accessible to explain more advanced materials.

Our activities include professional development, a weekly lunch seminar, and social excursions in the Atlanta area.

Stipend Information

Supported students will receive a stipend of 3,600 USD, travel support of up to 800 USD to and from Emory, and free on-campus accommodations. Supported teachers will receive a stipend of 6,000 USD.