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David Borthwick

Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)
Portfolio: Math graduate program administration, recruiting, advising, student concerns

Office: W417
Phone: 404-727-4993
Personal Website:
Research Groups: Analysis & Differential Geometry

Office Hours:
  • Tuesday: 2:00PM - 4:00PM

  • Global and geometric analysis, differential geometry, and mathematical physics recent topics: scattering theory applications of microlocal analysis in symplectic topology

Recent Publications:
  • D. Borthwick: Upper and lower bounds on resonances for manifolds hyperbolic near infinity, Comm. PDE, to appear.
  • D. Borthwick: Spectral Theory of Infinite-Area Hyperbolic Surfaces, Birkh√§user, Boston, 2007.
  • D. Borthwick and A. Uribe: The semiclassical structure of low-energy states in the presence of a magnetic field, Trans. AMS, 359, (2007), 1875--1888.
  • D. Borthwick, C. Judge, and P. Perry: Selberg's zeta function and the spectral geometry of geometrically finite hyperbolic surfaces, Comment. Math. Helv., 80, (2005), 483--515.

  • Ph.D. (1993) Harvard University (Physics)
  • B.A. (1988) Princeton University