Research Group

We are always looking for motivated and hard-working students (graduate and undergraduate students) to do research with us. If you are interested in joining our group, please send an e-mail with your CV, unofficial transcript, and your particular research interest to Yuanzhe Xi.

Spring 2023 Spring 2023
Group photos from Fall 2023 (left) and Spring 2022 (right)

Group members



  • Abdurrahim Birik, Alina Chen, Sophia Xiao


Graduated members of the group and their first stop post-graduation.


  • Huan He (co-advised with J. Ho, CS Ph.D. 2019-2022) \(\rightarrow\) Postdoc at Harvard

  • Yuliang Ji (Math Ph.D. 2019-2022) \(\rightarrow\) Research scientist at TikTok

  • Ru Huang (Math Ph.D. 2019-2022) \(\rightarrow\) Research scientist at IQVIA


  • Difeng Cai (2019-2023) \(\rightarrow\) Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Southern Methodist University


  • Tianhui Mao (co-advised with J. Ho, Math B.S. 2018-2019) \(\rightarrow\) Master at MIT

  • Lydia Fu (Math B.S. 2019-2020) \(\rightarrow\) Master at UPenn

  • Yuwei Wu (Math B.S. 2020-2021) \(\rightarrow\) Master at Stanford

  • Yiwen Lu (Math B.S. 2019-2021) \(\rightarrow\) Ph.D. at UPenn

  • Shiyuan Xu (Math B.S. 2019-2021) \(\rightarrow\) Master at Columbia

  • Rocky Luo (Math B.S. 2021-2022) \(\rightarrow\) Ph.D. at GaTech

  • Kai Chang (Math B.S. 2021-2023) \(\rightarrow\) Ph.D. at MIT