Mathematics B.S. Degree Recipients











  • Name: Ballas, Samuel
    Advisor: David Borthwick
    Dissertation: Geometrically Finite Fuchsian Groups and the Patterson-Sullivan Measure
  • Name: Dennen, Tristan
    Advisor: David Borthwick
    Dissertation: Unitary Symmetries in Particle Physics, a First Encounter
  • Name: Ensign, Jacob
    Advisor: Victoria Powers
    Dissertation: Vote Buying in Multi-Dimensional Preference Space
  • Name: Rainwater, Sabrina
    Advisor: Shanshuang Yang
    Dissertation: Some Properties of Quasicircles and Symmetric Quasicircles
  • Name: Stein, Solomon
    Advisor: Eric Brussel
    Dissertation: Generic Polynomials and Cyclic Galois Groups


  • Name: Goldstein, Melissa
    Advisor: Eldad Haber
    Dissertation: Direct Optimization Methods for Image Registration


  • Name: Chung, Julianne
    Advisor: Jim Nagy
    Dissertation: Filtering Methods for Image Restoration
  • Name: Michael Carr
    Advisor: Skip Garibaldi
    Dissertation: Dissertation: Realizing Outer Automorphisms of Tits Aystems


  • Name: Friesenhahn, Vernon
    Advisor: David Borthwick
    Dissertation: Minimal Surfaces and Plateau's Problem
  • Name: Horn, Larissa
    Advisor: Eric Brussel
    Dissertation: Symmetry of the Spheres
  • Name: Lindsay Stovall
    Advisor: Shanshuang Yang
    Dissertation: Quasisymmetric Homeomorphisms on Compact One-dimensional Manifolds


  • Name: Marzilli, Alisa
    Advisor: Victoria Powers
    Dissertation: An Implementation of an Algorithm for Sums of Squares of Real Polynomials


  • Name: Nagle, Brendan
    Advisor: Steven Batterson
    Dissertation: A Study of Eigenvalues and Unitary Similarity


  • Name: Gayer, Ted
    Advisor: William Mahavier
    Dissertation: Mappings on the Cantor Set and the Interval [A,B]
  • Name: Ochs, Marc
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: An Introduction to Graph Ramsey Theory
  • Name: Tohamy, Noha
    Advisor: William Mahavier
    Dissertation: Continuity of Pointwise Limits of Continuous Functions


  • Name: Fang, Chi-Yu
    Advisor: Victoria Powers
    Dissertation: Error-Correcting Codes and the Compact Disc System


  • Name: Leung, Raymond
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: Study of Graph Coloring Algorithms


  • Name: Housworth, Elizabeth
    Advisor: Steven Batterson
    Dissertation: Periods of Continuous and Discontinuous One Dimensional Maps
  • Name: Loeb, Alexandra
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: Greedy Algorithms
  • Name: Lorberbaum, Jeffrey Philip
    Advisor: David Ford
    Dissertation: The Prisoner's Dilemma and the Evolution of Cooperation


  • Name: Beasley, Brian
    Advisor: Dwight Duffus
    Dissertation: Arithmetic Properties of Algebraic Integers
  • Name: Roseman, Joyce
    Advisor: William Mahavier
    Dissertation: A New Class of Cantor Sets
  • Name: Sudit, Nili
    Advisor: Robert Roth
    Dissertation: Good Operation Tables for Finite Fields


  • Name: England, Terri
    Advisor: Dwight Duffus
    Dissertation: Groups and Graphs: A Study of Relations
  • Name: Furman, Mark
    Advisor: Dwight Duffus
    Dissertation: The Development and Applications of the Sylow Theorems
  • Name: Ishii, Carol
    Advisor: David Ford
    Dissertation: A Comparative Study of Garbage Collection and Compaction Algorithms
  • Name: Priest, Cynthia Jean
    Advisor: Larry Riddle
    Dissertation: The Safety and Accuracy of Amniocentesis: A Computer Study


  • Name: Weber, Carolyn
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: Lossless Joins in Relational Data Bases


  • Name: Lyew, Raymond
    Advisor: John Doyle
    Dissertation: An Investigation of Z^n_2 as Base Groups of Graphical Frobenius Representations


  • Name: Outlaw, Linda
    Advisor: David Ford
    Dissertation: Quadratic Programming: A Comparison of Two Methods
  • Name: Taylor, Lee Ann
    Advisor: Mary Neff
    Dissertation: Conditions for a Subsemigroup of a Free Semigroup to be Free


  • Name: Akao, James
    Advisor: Steven Batterson
    Dissertation: The Dynamics of Rayleigh Quotient Iteration on 2x2 Matrices
  • Name: Bang, Bing
    Advisor: David Ford
    Dissertation: An Application in Mathematical Curve Fitting
  • Name: Buss, Samuel
    Advisor: Trevor Evans
    Dissertation: The Word Problem for Groups


  • Name: Bales, Laurence
    Advisor: John Neuberger
    Dissertation: Solutions for Some Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Name: Boisvert, Robert
    Advisor: Henry Sharp
    Dissertation: Certain Relationships between Product Spaces and Their Individual Factors


  • Name: Malaspina, Spiros
    Advisor: Henry Sharp
    Dissertation: Urysohn's Metrization Theorem
  • Name: May, Rebecca
    Advisor: William Mahavier
    Dissertation: Characteristics of Complexes
  • Name: Miller, Susan
    Advisor: Joe Austin
    Dissertation: Straightedge and Compass Constructions in Non-Euclidean Geometry
  • Name: Smethers, Pamela Lynn
    Advisor: Mary Neff
    Dissertation: Free Groups and Free Semigroups
  • Name: Tuttle, Keith
    Advisor: Mary Neff
    Dissertation: Computer Oriented Approach to Finding all Non-Isomorphic Posets on Finite Sets Containing Four, Five, and Six Elements


  • Name: Shepard, Craig
    Advisor: Henry Sharp
    Dissertation: Topological Surfaces as Configuration Spaces of Mechanical Systems
  • Name: Vogel, Sharon Beth
    Advisor: Henry Sharp
    Dissertation: Extensions of Banach's Fixed Point Theorem