Undergraduate Degrees

The department offers a BA and a BS in mathematics, mathematics/economics, and mathematics/political science.

  • Mathematics BA, BS and Applied Mathematics BS: The BA is designed for students who want a broad introduction to the subject, and features flexible choices with the opportunity to explore one or more areas in greater depth. The BS is designed to prepare students for graduate studies; it includes in-depth sequences in core subject areas, augmented with electives in several topics.
  • Applied Mathematics and Statistics BS: The Department of Mathematics and the Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods jointly offer the BS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics providing a deep grounding in both disciplines and their interconnections.
  • Mathematics/Computer Science BS: The Mathematics/Computer Science BS combines related areas of the two disciplines and is an excellent base for interdisciplinary graduate work.
  • Economics/Mathematics BA and Political Science/Mathematics BA: Joint majors are designed for students who want to obtain a thorough grounding in two disciplines and interdisciplinary connections between them.
  • Mathematics minor and Applied Mathematics minor: Minors provide knowledge in core areas and the fundamentals of a discipline, covering key topics in sufficient depth.
  • Five-Year BA/MSPH: A joint program with the School of Public Health, in which students may obtain an undergraduate BA and graduate MSPH degree in Mathematics/Biostatistics in five years.
  • Honors Program: For outstanding students, these programs enable students to do advanced work in a chosen area and intensive research leading to a thesis. Recent honors degree recipients.
  • Mathematics 4+1 MS Program: The mathematics program supports a 4+1 Mathematics MS program for Emory undergraduates, which allows students to earn an MS degree by spending an additional fifth year at Emory. The program has two separate tracks in mathematics and applied mathematics.