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E(CM)2 - Emory Center for Mathematics and Computing in Medicine
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
400 Dowman Dr, 30322 Atlanta, GA, USA
Room N418
ale AT mathcs.emory.edu
T +1 404 727 7925 F +1 404 727 5611

Hi, this is Alessandro Veneziani, originally from Bergamo, Italy.
I am currently Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Emory University, Atlanta, GA USA.

Since 2007 we have been settling down a group of people really pasionate about Applied Math, Partial Differential Equations, Scientific Computing, Cardiovascular Diseases

ETuttoQuiOur mission is to link theory to practice, from Theorems to the Operating Room/Bedside.

We called this E-(CM)2 (no, Einstein is E=mc2), it stands for

Emory - Center for Mathematics and Computing in Medicine (link)

Some explanations and examples (clip)StentPS

Scientific Interests
  1. Stent1Computational Fluid Dynamics

  1. Mathematical and Numerical Models for the Cardiovascular System 

  2. Finite Elements

  3. Applications of Mathematics to Industrial Problems

  4. C++ Programming for Scientific Computing



our activity we develop/use two codes

A Repository of Data on Cerebral Aneurysms

As a follow-up of the ANEURISK Project (2005-2008), we have created a free data repository of images, geometries and CFD Analysis

We do believe that sharing of data and cross checking is a way of making our results more trustworthy
Check it out!

Credits to The Brain Aneurysm Foundation, Emory URC



OFFICE HOURS: Thursday 11.30am-1.30am



MATH351: Partial Differential Equations               

MATH212: Ordinary Differential Equations




Solving Numerical PDE's
L. Formaggia, F. Saleri, A. Veneziani
Springer 2011

This book aims at introducing students to the numerical approximation of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). One of the difficulties of this subject is to identify the right trade-off between theoretical concepts and their use in practice. With that collection of examples and exercises we try to address this issue by illustrating "standard" examples which focus on basic concepts of Numerical Analysis, as

well as problems derived from practical applications which the student is encouraged to formalize in terms of PDEs, analyze and solve. The latter examples are derived from the experience of the authors in research project developed in collaboration with scientists of different fields (biology, medicine, etc.) and industry. We wanted this book to be useful both to readers more interested in the theoretical aspects, and also to those more concerned with the numerical implementation. To this aim, solutions to the exercises have been subdivided in three parts. The first concerns the mathematical analysis of the problem, the second its numerical approximation and the third part is devoted to implementation aspects and the analysis of the results. The book consists of three parts. The firstdeals with basic material and results provided as useful reference for the other sections. In particular, we recall the basics of functional analysis and the finite element method. The second part deals with steady elliptic problems, solved with finite elements or finite differences, while in the third part we address time-dependent problems, including linear hyperbolic systems and Navier-Stokes equations. Two appendices discuss some practical implementation issues and three-dimensional applications. Each section contains a brief introduction to the subject to make this book self contained.

The book is dedicated to the memory of Fausto Saleri.    

The cover picture is a simulation of racoons' rabies disease spreading over the State of NY, a work done with Luca Gerardo Giorda and Joshua Keller (Honor Student at Emory, class of 2011)




Links to Academic Institutions
Here you find a series of academic institutions formerly or currently relevant for my activity

Scientific Computing Group@Emory



UniPV (Auricchio's Lab)

Link to my personal data (Sep 2014): CV
Editorial Board Link: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering


ItalyLeandro Gryngarten
Gaetano Esposito (BIORESORB Project)

PhD students
Luca Bertagna

Boyi Yang
Huanhuan Yang

Jim Munch

Huijuan Xu

Ricardo J Bonilla (student of BME@ Ga Tech)
Sofia Guzzetti  (HiMod NSF Project)
Alex Viguerie
Alessandro Barone (starting Jan 2015 - CEST NSF Project)

My Group Atlanta 1/28/2014

Part of the Crew in a sunny winter day, Emory Quad. From the left: Leandro, Annalisa, Boyi, Jim, Huanhuan, Alessandro, Luca. Missing in action: Ricardo, Anastasia, Sofia, Alexander, Alessandro

United We Stand

Former members (we wish you the best, but we miss you)

Alexis Aposporidis (now @ Aerospace Center , Germany)
Marta D'Elia (now @ FSU, Fl, USA)
Maria Rita De Luca (now @ SISSA, Trieste, Italy)
Luca Gerardo-Giorda (now @ BCAM, Bilbao, Spain)
Lucia Mirabella (now @ Department of Biomedical Engineering@GA Tech)
Tiziano Passerini (now @ SIEMENS, Princeton, NJ, USA)
Marina Piccinelli (now @ Radiology, SOM, Emory)
Mauro Perego (now @ Sandia Lab, Albuquerque)
Umberto Villa (now @ LLivermore NL, CA)

From the left: Alessandro, Marina, Tiziano, Lucia (back), Mariarita (front), Mauro, Marta

Current Collaborations

Robert W. Taylor (School of Medicine, Emory, USA)
John Oshinski (School of Medicine, Emory, USA)
Ernie Garcia (School of Medicine, Emory, USA)
Ji Chen (School of Medicine, Emory, USA)
Dyvia Gupta (School of Medicine, Emory, USA)
Habib Samady (School of Medicine, Emory, USA)
Spencer King
(School of Medicine, Emory, USA)
Bill Gogas (School of Medicine, Emory, USA)
Don Giddens (BME, GA Tech, Atlanta, USA)
Luke Timmins (BME, GA Tech, Atlanta, USA)
Dave Molony (BME, GA Tech, Atlanta, USA)
Ferdinando Auricchio (Uni Pavia, Italy)
Alessandro Reali (Uni Pavia, Italy)
Michele Conti (Uni Pavia, Italy)
Simone Morganti (Uni Pavia, Italy)
Pablo Blanco (LNCC, Petropolis, Brasil)
Raoul Feijoo
(LNCC, Petropolis, Brasil)
Paolo Malighetti (HTH Uni Bergamo, Italy)
Stefano Paleari (HTH Uni Bergamo, Italy)
Aijit Yoganathan (BME, GA Tech, Atlanta, USA)
Simona Perotto (Politecnico Milano, Italy)

Luca Antiga (Orobix, Bergamo, Italy)
Michele Benzi (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory, USA)
Simone De Paris (EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland)
Maxim Olshanskii
(University of Houston, TX, USA)
Suncica Canic (University of Houston, TX, USA)
Annalisa Quaini
(University of Houston, TX, USA)
Vaidy Sunderam (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory, USA)
David Borthwick
(Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory, USA)
Frank Tong (School of Medicine, Emory, USA)
Manu Platt
(BME, GA Tech, Atlanta, USA)
Flavio Fenton (Dept Phys, GA Tech, USA)
Leopold Grinberg (IBM)
Anne M. Robertson (Dept. Mech Eng, Pittsburgh)

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  2.  2) Never give up

     3) Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things

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