Mathematics M.S. Degree Recipients


  • Name: Barlow, Jack
    Advisor: Parimala Raman
  • Name: Pittman, Dylanger Skyler
    Advisor: Vladimir Oliker
  • Name: Simmons, Maenishia Daeshawn
    Advisor: David Borthwick


  • Name: Gao, Xiangxi
    Advisor: David Borthwick
  • Name: Keyes, Christopher
    Advisor: David Zureick-Brown


  • Name: Khaqan, Maryam
    Advisor: John Duncan
  • Name: Wang, Jialin
    Advisor: David Borthwick


  • Name: Beneish, Lea
    Advisor: David Zureick-Brown
  • Name: Chen, Hsin-Yi
    Advisor: David Borthwick
  • Name: Greenwood, Harris
    Advisor: David Borthwick



  • Name: Keller, Ariel
    Advisor: Ron Gould
  • Name: Wilson, Andrew
    Advisor: Ken Ono
    Dissertation: Primality Testing and Integer Factorization Using Elliptic Curves
  • Name: Zhang, Xiaolong
    Advisor: Shun Yan Cheung


  • Name: Haase, Bastian
    Advisor: Parimala Raman
  • Name: Morrow, Jackson
    Advisor: David Zureick-Brown


  • Name: Gordon-Sarney, Reed
    Advisor: Raman Parimala
  • Name: Yang, Jun
    Advisor: David Borthwick


  • Name: Griffin, Michael
    Advisor: Ken Ono
  • Name: Larsen, Victor
    Advisor: Ron Gould
  • Name: Lopez, Adele
    Advisor: Ken Ono
  • Name: Sun, Ran
    Advisor: James Nagy
  • Name: West, Mckenzie
    Advisor: David Zureick-Brown
  • Name: Yang, Boyi
    Advisor: Alessandro Veneziani


  • Name: Zou, Wenfei
    Advisor: Shanshuang Yang


  • Name: Klymko, Christine
    Advisor: Michele Benzi
  • Name: Svishcheva, Anastasia
    Advisor: Alessandro Veneziani


  • Name: Aposporidis, Alexis
    Advisor: Alessandro Veneziani
  • Name: Kuhlemann, Verena
    Advisor: Michele Benzi
  • Name: Palta, Hasan
    Advisor: Vladimir Oliker
  • Name: Wrayno, Paul
    Advisor: Ronald Gould


  • Name: Gehrke, Silke
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
  • Name: Graf, Tobias
    Advisor: Vladimir Oliker
  • Name: Nguyen, Ha
    Advisor: Victoria Powers


  • Name: Magnant, Colton
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
  • Name: Razouk, Nader
    Advisor: Michele Benzi


  • Name: Karampataki, Maria
    Advisor: Eldad Haber


  • Name: Poerschke, Annika
    Advisor: Vojtech Rodl


  • Name: Johnson, Kiandra
    Advisor: James Nagy
    Dissertation: Face Recognition and Reconstruction Using PCA
  • Name: Xia, Xiaofeng
    Advisor: Shanshuang Yang
    Dissertation: Sphere Preserving Embeddings in Euclidean Spaces


  • Name: Nichols, Andrew T.
    Advisor: Skip Garibaldi
    Dissertation: A Natural Definition of Module Rank


  • Name: Koch, Hannes G.
    Advisor: Jennifer Schultens
    Dissertation: Polygonal Knot Theory
  • Name: Model, Sebastian
    Advisor: Hamilton, Emily
    Dissertation: Groups Acting on Trees - Theory and Application
  • Name: Phillips, Jared
    Advisor: Skip Garibaldi
    Dissertation: The existence of Left Adjoints for Functors Between Varieties
  • Name: Rochau, Norman
    Advisor: Emily Hamilton
    Dissertation: Knots and DNA Theory
  • Name: Stovall, Betsy
    Advisor: Steve Batterson
    Dissertation: Quasisymmetric homeomorphisms on Compact One-Dimensional Manifolds


  • Name: Hall, Jeremy
    Advisor: David Borthwick
    Dissertation: A Proof of Huber's Theorem
  • Name: Shah, Mili
    Advisor: Michele Benzi and Emily Hamilton
    Dissertation: Traveling Wave Solutions for Contaminant Transport with Kinetic Freudlich Sorption
  • Name: Talapatra, Aruna A.
    Advisor: Michele Benzi
    Dissertation: Block Preconditioners for Structural Mechanics Problems
  • Name: Wittmuess, Wiebke
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: Random Regular Graphs and Contiguity
  • Name: Wright, Ryan
    Advisor: James Nagy
    Dissertation: A Matlab Object-oriented Approach to Kronecker Product Approximation for Image Restoration


  • Name: Sulaiman, Shaariah
    Advisor: James Nagy
    Dissertation: Java Tools for Image Restoration


  • Name: Bradford, Benjamin
    Advisor: Michelangelo Grigni
    Dissertation: A Refinement Algorithm for Multiple Protein Sequence Alignments
  • Name: Fiedler, Kalus
    Advisor: Andrzej Rucinski
    Dissertation: Evolution of a Random Graph From a Triangle Perspective
  • Name: Nickel, William Joseph
    Advisor: Jennifer Schultens
    Dissertation: Knot Theory Applications in Chemistry
  • Name: Schmidt, Benjamin
    Advisor: Eric Brussel
    Dissertation: Moduli Spaces For Riemann Surfaces
  • Name: Szlam, Arthur David
    Advisor: Dwight Duffus
    Dissertation: Intersection Representations of Hypergraphs


  • Name: Day, Sarah
    Advisor: Steven Batterson
    Dissertation: Chaotic Dynamics on Julia Sets for the Quadratic Family
  • Name: Hayes, Keven
    Advisor: Michelangelo Grigni
    Dissertation: The Feasibility of an Approximation Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem
  • Name: Lowery, Laura Bass
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: Degree Sequences and Graph Properties
  • Name: Novakova, Eva
    Advisor: Vojtech Rodl
    Dissertation: On Intersecting Families
  • Name: Woloszyn, Andrzej
    Advisor: Michelangelo Grigni
    Dissertation: Weighted Planar Graph Separator


  • Name: Carringon-Ramsey, Doris
    Advisor: Michael Hirsch
    Dissertation: Brouwer Fixed-point Theorem


  • Name: Shapiro, Gregg
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: Algorithmic Investigations of the Traveling Salesman Problem
  • Name: Von Tempski, Oliver
    Advisor: Vladimir Oliker
    Dissertation: On One Inverse Problem in Geometric Optics


  • Name: Shipley, Scott
    Advisor: Vaidy Sunderam
    Dissertation: Enhancing the Efficiency of WWW Servers


  • Name: Jones, John Andrew
    Advisor: Robert Roth
    Dissertation: A Graph Theoretic Approach to Partitioning Via Baranyai's Theorem
  • Name: Jones, Tonya Craton
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: On the Structure of Maximum Matchings of Graphs


  • Name: Moland, Gary Myron
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: A Probabilistic Approach to Finding Hamiltonian Paths in Random Graphs
  • Name: Wright, Virginia E.
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: n-tuple Vertex Graphs


  • Name: Bogartz, Scott David
    Advisor: Vaidy Sunderam
    Dissertation: Design and Implementation of a Distributed Groupware Application
  • Name: Calvert, Robert
    Advisor: Chang M. Bang
    Dissertation: An Exploration of Artificial Intelligence as it Relates to Natural Language Processing, and an English Language Intervace to ANSI Standard SQL Databases


  • Name: Mahavier, William Ted
    Advisor: Vladamir Oliker
    Dissertation: A Reconstruction Algorithm for use with the Corneal Modeling System
  • Name: McDonell, Charles Durward
    Advisor: Vojtech Rodl
    Dissertation: Bounds on the Size of Folkman Graphs, a Comparison to the Size-Ramsey Number, and a Sufficient Condition for Forb(X) to be Ramsey


  • Name: Chowdhary, Ashish
    Advisor: Vladimir Oliker
    Dissertation: A Graphics Package Using Suncore
  • Name: Gee, Chang
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: A Graph Planarity Test
  • Name: Standard, Wayne
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: A Comparison of 2 Algorithms for Finding Hamiltonian Cycles in Random Graphs


  • Name: Han, Myungsun
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: An Improved Context-free Recognizing and Parsing Algorithm
  • Name: Heath, Holly Thorp
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: On the trail of Eulerian Circuits


  • Name: Bennacer DJamel
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: The Network Simplex Method
  • Name: Cleves, Emily M.
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: Blocking Flows in Layered Networks
  • Name: Jerkunica, Boris Marko
    Advisor: Chang Bang
    Dissertation: A Further Investigation into the Causes of Pathology in Game Trees
  • Name: Lee, Jung-Hee Hong
    Advisor: Robert Roth
    Dissertation: Pairwise Orthogonal Orthomorphisms of Groups; A Complete Classification for Groups of Order 12
  • Name: Lin, Chang-Kwei
    Advisor: Ken Mandelberg
    Dissertation: An X.25 Implementation in a UNIX Environment: A Case Study
  • Name: Ouamrane, Mohammed
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: Relational Databases and Normal Forms
  • Name: Sistar, Carolyn
    Advisor: Peter Winkler
    Dissertation: Graph Bisection


  • Name: Huntington, Daniel S.
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: Domination in Graph Theory
  • Name: Kim, In-Guk
    Advisor: Chang Bang
    Dissertation: The Various Methods of Data Compression with Fixed and Variable Dictionaries


  • Name: Franke, William
    Advisor: Ken Madelberg
    Dissertation: A Unix to Unix Translator
  • Name: Job, Vanessa Renee
    Advisor: Robert Roth
    Dissertation: Nets, Latin Squares, and Codes with Emphasis on the Code of the (6,4)-Net
  • Name: Klazmer, Sherri Ellen
    Advisor: David Ford
    Dissertation: The Splay Tree: A Self-Adjusting Form of Binary Search Tree
  • Name: Stephan, Peter
    Advisor: Henry Wolkowicz
    Dissertation: Linear Solutions to Quadratic Dynamic Programming Problems


  • Name: Tan, Wooi-yi
    Advisor: Alex Bykat
    Dissertation: A Critical Study of Planar Mesh Generation Techniques
  • Name: Weber, Carolyn
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: The Graph Isomorphism Problem


  • Name: Dent, Eric
    Advisor: Peter Winkler
    Dissertation: Diagraph Addressing
  • Name: Peters, Calvin Matthew
    Advisor: Robert Roth
    Dissertation: Orthomorphisms of Groups and Pairwise Orthogonal Latin Squares
  • Name: Smith, Gregory
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: Search Procedures on Labeled Graphs
  • Name: White, Billy G.
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: A Study of Selected Job Scheduling Algorithms
  • Name: Wilson, Ernest Irvin
    Advisor: Dwight Duffus
    Dissertation: Decompositions of Ordered Sets


  • Name: Dranit, Warren
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: The Maximization of Flows in Networks
  • Name: Hays, Donald Boyd
    Advisor: Ronald Gould
    Dissertation: A Linear Algorithm to Test Graph Planarity


  • Name: Bang, Bing Hyong-Bae
    Advisor: Ken Mandelberg
    Dissertation: Implementation of Standard LISP and REDUCE to VS/9
  • Name: Cho, Winnie Kyu-Wook
    Advisor: Luis Kramarz
    Dissertation: Algorithms for the Numerical Computation of the Null Space of a Matrix


  • Name: Arangno, Deborah C.
    Advisor: David A. Ford
    Dissertation: A Study of Duality Between Frist Category Sets and Measure Zero Sets
  • Name: Benjamin, James Lawrence
    Advisor: Peter W. Day
    Dissertation: Operational Analysis of a UNIVAC Series 90/80
  • Name: Malaspina, Spiros A.
    Advisor: Henry Sharp, Jr.
    Dissertation: Metric Spaces in the Lattice of Topologies
  • Name: Outlaw, Linda Susan
    Advisor: David Ford
    Dissertation: Quadratic Programming: A comparison of Two Methods
  • Name: Sheppard, Edward III
    Advisor: Ken Madnelberg
    Dissertation: Current Aspects of Muliprocessing


  • Name: Kaufmann, William Radcliffe
    Advisor: John Kevin Doyle
    Dissertation: A Computer Implementation of Graph Theory Algorithms
  • Name: Noneaker, Daniel Lee
    Advisor: Chang Bang
    Dissertation: A Classification and Existence Theorem for Torsion-Free Rank One Abelian Groups with Totally Projective Primary Components


  • Name: Yianilos, Peter Nicholas
    Advisor: Ken Mandelberg
    Dissertation: The Definition, Computation, and Application of Symbol String Similarity Functions


  • Name: Beasley, Craig Jackson
    Advisor: J.W. Neuberger
    Dissertation: A Classification of Separable Real Hilbert Spaces
  • Name: Smethers, Pamela
    Advisor: Trevor Evans
    Dissertation: A Survey of Different Types of Automata


  • Name: Appleson, Katherine Johnston
    Advisor: Mary F. Neff
    Dissertation: Some Results on the Ordering of Free Groups
  • Name: Lee Michael Grenci
    Advisor: Henry Sharp, Jr.
    Dissertation: T1-Complements for T1-Topologies
  • Name: Shalloway, M. Alan
    Advisor: David Ford
    Dissertation: Natural Category Discoverer: A Computer Program Which Discovers the Categorical Structure of Stimuli Without Feedback


  • Name: Boy, William Ralph
    Advisor: Henry Sharp Jr.
    Dissertation: Ultraspaces in the Lattice of All Topologies on a Fixed Set
  • Name: Hall, Thomas R.
    Advisor: Henry Sharp, Jr.
    Dissertation: Topological Groups with Minimal Open Sets


  • Name: Coker, John
    Advisor: Henry Sharp, Jr.
    Dissertation: A Study of Regular Graphs
  • Name: Durrentt, Richard
    Advisor: D.A. Ford
    Dissertation: Finite Tacti Two-Person Noncooperative Games
  • Name: Wilson, Elizabeth
    Advisor: Mary Frances Neff
    Dissertation: Wreath Products of Semigroups, Groups and Loops
  • Name: Woods, Carol Lee
    Advisor: Mary Frances Neff
    Dissertation: Lattices Constructed from Graphs


  • Name: Joyner, William E.
    Advisor: Jack W. Rogers, Jr.
    Dissertation: Chainable Continua
  • Name: Nelson, Jr., Abraham
    Advisor: Harold Finkelstein
    Dissertation: CLT Groups and Their Properties
  • Name: Sautter, Elizabeth
    Advisor: Henry Sharp, Jr.
    Dissertation: Equivalent Forms of Menger's Theorem


  • Name: Applebee, John Francis III
    Advisor: Henry Sharp Jr.
    Dissertation: A Study of alexandroff Discrete Spaces
  • Name: Carlisle, Susan Welden
    Advisor: Mary Frances Neff
    Dissertation: On Subdirect Products, Hopfian Groups and the Word Problem for Some Groups


  • Name: Boyer, Jeane Love
    Advisor: Mary Frances Neff
    Dissertation: The Frattini Subgroup
  • Name: Brock, Nancy
    Advisor: Henry Sharp, Jr.
    Dissertation: Squares and Square Roots in Graph Theory
  • Name: Brownlee, Anne Henderson
    Advisor: Henry Sharp Jr.
    Dissertation: Modern Approaches to Matrizability
  • Name: Johnson, Elizabeth Jordan
    Advisor: J. W. Rogers, Jr.
    Dissertation: A Cut-Point Preserving Compactification
  • Name: Lee, William Yong-jeng
    Advisor: Clay C. Ross, Jr.
    Dissertation: Some Application of Matrices in Numerical Analysis


  • Name: Foley, Sharon
    Advisor: Jack W. Rogers
    Dissertation: On Metric Spaces
  • Name: Morrison, Louise Shrider
    Advisor: Wiliam S. Mahavier
    Dissertation: Moore Spaces Which are not Continuous Semi-Metrizable
  • Name: Strauss, Lilo Teutsch
    Advisor: David A. Ford
    Dissertation: Characterizations of Riemann Integrable Functions
  • Name: Walker, Jr., Charles A.
    Advisor: O. Tivis Nelson
    Dissertation: Free Lattices


  • Name: Tredway, Thomas Shields
    Advisor: Jack W. Rogers, Jr.
    Dissertation: Concerning Homogenous Subsets of the X-Axis


  • Name: Astin, Janice
    Advisor: Henry Sharp Jr.
    Dissertation: A Study of Baire-Moore Theorems