Celebrating Excellence: Terry Ingram Wins Outstanding Program Administrator Award
news Published Date: 2024-05-06
We are thrilled to announce that Terry Ingram, the Graduate Program Coordinator for the Department of Mathematics at Emory University, has been honored with the prestigious Laney Outstanding Program Administrator Award for 2024.

This esteemed accolade recognizes Terry's unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions to our graduate program, students, faculty, and wider community.

Terry's innovative approach, unwavering positivity, and commitment to teamwork have made a profound impact on our graduate program. Her dedication to excellence and student-centered focus set a standard for others to follow.

Please join us in congratulating Terry Ingram on this well-deserved achievement. Her passion, hard work, and positive influence continue to elevate our program and inspire us all.
Emory Math Students Win First Place at EGHI/GT Global Health Hackathon
news Published Date: 2023-11-22
Emory Math students, Leonardo Molinari, Imran Shah, and Jiaqi Yang win first place at EGHI/GT Global Health Hackathon focused on mitigating the impacts of climate change on health, safety, and security. The Fall ’23 event prompted student teams to envision solutions that address one of the following threats: urban flooding or urban heat in Atlanta or global sea-level rise in densely populated, low-resource urban settings. Molinari, Shah, and Yang's team came up with iManhole, an integrated system that gathers real-time data from manholes and uses machine learning algorithms to predict flooding to manage traffic and evacuation routes. Congratulations!!!
Mathematics Graduate Students Features on Lathisms
news Published Date: 2023-09-29
Mathematics graduate students, Santiago Arango (left) and Jasmine Camero (right), have recently been featured as the Daily Mathematicians on Lathisms, an organization founded in 2016 in order to showcase the contributions of Latinx and Hispanic mathematicians during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Santiago Arango-Piñeros is a Colombian Ph.D. candidate in Arithmetic Geometry at Emory University, where he is advised by David Zureick-Brown. Raised in Bogotá, Colombia, he fulfilled the compulsory military service before receiving his BS in Mathematics and a second BS in Environmental Engineering from Los Andes University in 2016. After becoming obsessed with moduli spaces of elliptic curves, the topic of his undergraduate dissertation, Santiago decided to abandon engineering to continue his education in Mathematics. Before the start of his PhD program, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he obtained an MSC in Mathematics at Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (IMPA). To read more about Santiago please visit his feature page on the Lathisms website.

Jasmine Camero is a Mexican-American first-generation Ph.D. student from Santa Ana, California. She is currently a student in the Emory University Department of Mathematics studying classical algebraic geometry, advised by Brooke Ullery. Before pursuing a Ph.D., she attended California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), where she received her B.A. in Mathematics in 2020. To read more about Jasmine please visit her feature page on the Lathisms website.

We're thrilled to see our students celebrated like this. Congratulations Santiago and Jasmine!
Dr. Raman Parimala Elected to Honorary Membership of the London Mathematical Society
news Published Date: 2023-09-20
The London Mathematical Society has elected Professor Raman Parimala, the Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Emory University, to Honorary Membership of the Society. Professor Parimala was born in Tamil Nadu and received her education in India leading up to her Ph.D. at the University of Mumbai in 1976. Her career has been distinguished by a remarkable series of publications that started with the concrete theory of quadratic forms and evolved into sophisticated constructions of arithmetic geometry. In the process, she proved or refuted a number of conjectures whose difficult nature had confounded the leading arithmeticians and algebraists of a previous generation. In particular, her construction of non-trivial locally trivial quadratic spaces produced a surprising counterexample to a quadratic analogue of a conjecture of Serre, while her remarkable work with Fluckiger-Bayer on triviality of principal bundles settled positively a conjecture of Serre in the very important case of classical algebraic groups. These and many other chapters in Professor Parimala's opus are illuminated by the conceptual beauty of her techniques as well as the striking results they yield, in as much as her mathematics synthesises deep ideas of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry into a harmonious and powerful whole. Professor Parimala is a fellow of all three Indian academies of science. She was invited to address the International Congress of Mathematicians in Zürich in 1994 and was a plenary speaker at the 2010 Congress in Hyderabad. Among her many honours are the Bhatnagar Prize in 1987 and the Srinivasa Ramanujan Birth Centenary Award in 2003. She has been a member of the mathematical sciences jury for the Infosys Prize from 2019 and on the selection committee for the Abel Prize in 2021-22. For more information, please visit the London Mathematical Society website
Dr. Yiran Wang Speaks at 2023 Applied Inverse Problems Conference
news Published Date: 2023-09-13
Dr. Yiran Wang, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics, was one of the invited plenary speakers at the Applied Inverse Problems Conference in Gottingen, Germany last week. He delivered a talk on Reconstruction of Space-time Structures in General Relativity and Lorentzian Geometry. Congratulations Dr. Wang! To learn more about the conference, please click here.
Dr. Cosmin Pohoata Publishes New Proof that Breaks Decades-Long Drought of Progress
news Published Date: 2023-09-11
Dr. Cosmin Pohoata, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, publishes a new proof that breaks a decades-long drought of progress on the problem of estimating the size of triangles created by cramming points into a square (known as the Heilbronn triangle problem). A summary of the work was recently reported in Quanta Magazine.
Lars Ruthotto receives the Winship Distinguished Research Associate Professor award!
news Published Date: 2023-08-29
The designation of distinguished professor is one of the highest honors that Emory bestows on a member of its faculty. The level of distinction recognizes Lars’s eminence as a scholar, as well as the accomplishments that have placed him at the very top of his field. Conferral of the title also signifies that he has made substantial contributions to Emory University’s mission to create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity. Congratulations Lars!
Team BioFuture Wins Goizueta Healthcare Association Healthcare Futuring Competition
news Published Date: 2023-05-08
Emory Math students, Leonardo Molinari and Imran Shah, along with Georgia Tech student, Rene Mata, win Goizueta Healthcare Association Healthcare Futuring Competition! Competing as team "BioFuture," they were tasked to to consider what U.S. healthcare looks like in 2040. Their idea for an integrated computational facility where clinical staff work in conjunction with multidisplinary teams focused on computational modeling work to improve care won them the first place prize. Congrats to team BioFuture! To read more on this accomplishment, please visit this link.
Manuela Manetta awarded the 2023 Emory Williams Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award!
news Published Date: 2023-04-21
Dr. Manuela Manetta, Assistant Teaching Professor in Mathematics, was selected to receive the prestigious Emory Williams Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award. This award was established by Emory Williams, a 1932 Emory College alumnus and long-time trustee, and recognizes faculty who strive from excellence in teaching, curriculum development, pedagogy, and educational innovation. The award recognizes faculty members who teach undergraduate students at Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Goizueta Business School, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, and Oxford College. Congratulations Manuela!
Alex Dubar runs sub 3hrs in his first Boston Marathon!
news Published Date: 2023-04-21
Alex Dunbar, PhD student in Mathematics, ran an amazing 2:51:33 in his first Boston Marathon — an average 6:33 minutes per mile! Alex competed for the Rice Cross Country and Track & Field teams as an undergraduate before coming to Emory in 2020. Alex qualified for the Boston Marathon by placing third in the 2022 Atlanta Marathon. Congratulations Alex!