Welcome to JUICE: Just an Unlikely Intersections Colloquium at Emory. This is our Fall semester seminar in preparation for the Arizona Winter School.

Juice Box


We will meet every two weeks, starting September 14. Here is a tentiative list of speakers and topics.

Date Speaker Talk References
09/14 Santi Lang's conjecture and UI Chapter 1 (Zan),(L)
09/28 Robert Introduction to heights Part B (H-S)
10/12 Mike UI in elliptic surfaces Chapter 3 (Zan)
10/26 Jasmine Introduction to arithmetic dynamics Silverman's Book
11/9 Chris The André–Oort conjecture Chapter 4 (Zan)
11/30 Rohan Introduction to Model Theory TBD


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  • Zannier, Umberto. "Some Problems of Unlikely Intersections in Arithmetic and Geometry." Princeton University Press, 2012.

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