A Simple by Efficient Algorithm for Multiple-Image Deblurring

R. Vio, J. Nagy, L. Tenorio and W. Wamsteker

We consider the simultaneous deblurring of a set of noisy images whose point spread fu nctions are different but known and spatially invariant, and the noise is Gaussian. Currently available iterative algorithms that are typically used for this type of problem are computationally expensive, which makes their application for very large images impractical. We present a simple extension of a classical least-squares (LS) method where the multi-image deblurring is efficiently reduced to a computationally efficient single-image de blurring. In particular, we show that it is possible to remarkably improve the ill-conditioning of the LS problem by means of stable operations on the corresponding normal equations, which in turn speed up the convergence rate of the iterative algorithms. The performance and limitations of the method are analyzed through numerical simulations. Its connection with a column weighted least-squares approach is also considered in an appendix.