Kronecker Product Approximations for Image Restoration
with Reflexive Boundary Conditions

J. Nagy, M. Ng and L. Perrone

Many image processing applications require computing approximate solutions of very large, ill-conditioned linear systems. Physical assumptions of the imaging system usually mean that the matrices in these linear systems have exploitable structure. The specific structure depends on (usually simplifying) assumptions of the physical model, and other considerations such as boundary conditions. When reflexive (Neumann) boundary conditions are used, the coefficient matrix is a combination of Toeplitz and Hankel matrices. Kronecker products also occur, but this structure is not obvious from measured data. In this paper we discuss a scheme for computing a (possibly approximate) Kronecker product decomposition of structured matrices in image processing, which extends previous work \cite{KaNa00} by Kamm and Nagy to a wider class of image restoration problems.