MATH 315 - Numerical Analysis


This course is offered every semester on a rotating basis. I taught the class in the fall semester of 2017 and Spring 2019.


Numerical computing is a fundamental tool in science and engineering. This course covers the basic concepts from a mathematical perspective, with an introduction to the MATLAB computing environment. The lectures will cover Computing with Floating Point Numbers, Solution of Linear Systems, Curve Fitting, Differentiation and Integration, Root Finding, and Univariate Minimization.


Being successful in this class requires a solid working knowledge of Linear Algebra (e.g., Math 221/275/321), Calculus (e.g., Math 111, 112/112Z, 211), and programming (e.g., CS 170).


The primary textbook for the course is Introduction to Scientific Computing using Matlab, by I. Gladwell, J. G. Nagy and W. E. Ferguson, Jr. Reading the textbook is not required, but it is recommended. I will provide references for each lecture. You are not responsible for textbook material that is not covered in lecture.

Lars Ruthotto
Lars Ruthotto
Winship Distinguished Research Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science