Christopher Keyes

Ballroom Dance

I am an amateur ballroom dancer, and I have competed across the eastern US. I started dancing with the Tufts Ballroom Team in college. Here are some pictures of me dancing for Tufts with my wonderful former dance partner Joan.

Harvard Ballroom Competition 2017 Tufts Ballroom Competition 2018 Eastern US Dancesport Competition 2018

At Emory, I am helping to grow the Emory Ballroom Club and prepare its members to dance at competition. In Spring 2019, we had two couples compete for the first time at Georgia Tech, and in Spring 2020 we had more! Covid-19 presented a setback, but the club began actively dancing once again in Fall 2021 and brought several competitors to Georgia Tech's competition!

Georgia Tech Ballroom Competition April 2022 Georgia Tech Ballroom Social September 2019 Georgia Tech Ballroom Competition 2019 Emory Showcase 2019


Colorado, March 2020

We managed to get in a day of skiing just before the slopes were shut down for the coronavirus pandemic.
Chris in front of the rockies The view from the summit of Loveland pass The view from the plane to Denver

Atlanta, since Fall 2018

Great sunset at Emory First photo in Atlanta!


Daisy likes flowers Daisy on the stairs