About Me

I am a PhD student at Emory University in the Department of Mathematics, with an expected graduation date of May 2020. In 2013 I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in computer science, and in 2014 with a Masters in business administration.
With my advisor Vojtěch Rödl, I study extremal graph theory. Below you can find links to my three published/submitted papers.
This semester I am teaching Calculus I at Emory. I love teaching, and in my blog you can find more about my thoughts on how to be a great teacher.
I am also the director of Emory Math Circle, a math enrichment program for middle and high school students in Atlanta.


If you are wondering "What is math research?" read my blog post about it.
My research interests include extremal and structural graph theory, on both graphs and hypergraphs. I enjoy answering questions of the form "If a graph has global property X, does it contain subgraph Y?" If you would like to collaborate on a research project or if you have questions about my papers, please contact me!
In June 2019, I attended the Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics, which was an excellent two-week experience that I recommend to any graduate student in combinatorics.

On degree sum conditions and vertex-disjoint chorded cycles with Ronald Gould and Kazuhide Hirohata. Submitted.
Increasing paths in countable graphs with Andrii Arman and Vojtěch Rödl. Submitted.
Embedding hypertrees into steiner triple systems with Vojtěch Rödl. Journal of Combinatorial Designs 27 (2019), no. 2, 82-105.


My current Math 111 students should visit our Canvas page for class information.
Spring 2020: Calculus I, Emory University
Fall 2019: Calculus I, Emory University
Summer 2019: Combinatorics I and II, QTM Math Camp
Fall 2018: Calculus I, Emory University
Summer 2018: Combinatorics I, QTM Math Camp
Summer 2018: Calculus II, Emory University
Fall 2017: Calculus II, Emory University
Summer 2017: Discrete Structures, Emory University
Spring 2017: Calculus II, Emory University
Fall 2016: Calculus I, Emory University
Spring 2018: Life Sciences Calculus, TA/grader, Emory University
Spring 2016: Honors Vector Calculus, TA, Emory University
Spring 2016: Linear Algebra, TA/grader, Emory University
Fall 2015: Honors Linear Algebra, TA, Emory University
Fall 2015: Honors Calculus II, Grader, Emory University
Fall 2015 - Spring 2016: Calculus I and II, Tutor, Emory University
Fall 2014 - Spring 2015: Calculus I-IV, Tutor, University of Kentucky


Emory Math Circle
Emory Math Circle is an enrichment program for middle and high school students interested in mathematics. Each semester we have 200+ students enrolled in eight classes, meeting every other weekend.
Director (Summer 2018-present) - As director, I recruit and train instructors, manage the budget and facilities, plan special events, and communicate with the participating families. One of my goals as director has been to increase the diversity and the retention rate among our students.

Instructor (Spring 2017-present) - In addition to being the program's director, each semester I teach one of the middle school-level classes. With another instructor, we plan and execute lessons designed to teach the students problem-solving skills, creativity, and mathematical rigor. Here is a sample lesson plan that you are free to use with your students!

See this story by Laney Graduate School on Emory Math Circle.
QTM Math Camp
I have worked two summers at QTM Math Camp, a 3-week summer math camp for advanced high school students. Each summer I teach Combinatorics to the students and also mentor them while they conduct research projects and prepare posters of their results. I continue to advise two of the students on math research now that the camp has ended. In 2019 I organized and moderated a math careers panel for this camp.
I have organized and run several math festivals and competitions for K-12 students, including Julia Robinson Math Festivals, the AMC 8, Math Kangaroo, and the Tri-Math Tournament.
During Emory's orientation week, I have served as an orientation panelists for math and science grad students. New grad students also have a chance to practice their teaching in small group sessions, and I was chosen to lead one of these sessions in 2019.
Since 2016 I have been the Education Advisor for the Emory chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. I meet regularly with the chapter’s VP of Education to help plan safe, meaningful programs for their new members, and also meet regularly with the advisory team to address chapter-wide issues.

Contact Information

Email: bradley.elliott(at)emory.edu
Office: Emory Math and Science Center N406