Call for Summer 2023 Applications

We are pleased to announce that our applications websites for REU applicants (that is, undergraduate students) and RET applicants (that is, in-service teacher) are now live. Applications submitted by March 1 will receive full consideration we will accept applications until all positions are filled.

For more information about the application process, see this page and stay tuned for a list of projects to be posted a the Summer 2023 tab.

Data for Social Justice

Data Science has the power to provide evidence for and numerical confirmation of social justice issues. Conscientious application of data science techniques and a mindful analysis can reveal meaningful patterns and structures in data, particularly in the context of health care and environmental issues. Understanding and developing new mathematical techniques that allow the unbiased and privacy-preserving analysis of such data sets can be a crucial step toward solving structural problems.

The projects in this theme analyze and improve the robustness and fairness of data science techniques and demonstrate their applicability to health care and environmental data sets. Our goal is to advance the mathematical underpinnings of data science and provide proof-of-concept results on real-world challenges. Our outreach activities aim at communicating our results to the general public. The participants will investigate how to address the shortcomings of current algorithms and the existing data and learn about their results’ sociopolitical implications.