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Steve Batterson

Emeritus Faculty

Office: White Hall 309
Phone: 404-727-7923

Office Hours:
  • by appointment

  • Dynamical Systems,History of American Mathematics

Recent Publications:
  • "The Prosecution of Professor Chandler Davis", Monthly Review Press (2023).
  • "American Mathematics 1890-1913: Catching up to Europe", Spectrum Series of Mathematical Association of America (2017).
  • "The Contribution of John Parker, Jr. to American Mathematics", Notices of the AMS, volume 58, no. 2 (2011) pp. 262-273.
  • "Pursuit of Genius: Flexner, Einstein, and the Early Faculty at the Institute for Advanced Study". A K Peters (2006).
  • "Stephen Smale: The Mathematician Who Broke the Dimension Barrier". American Mathematical Society (2000).
  • "The Vision, Insight, and Influence of Oswald Veblen." Notices of the AMS, Volume 54 (2007) pp. 606-618.
  • "The Father of the Father of American Mathematics", Notices of the AMS, volume 55 (2008) pp. 70-83.
  • "Bocher, Osgood, and the Ascendance of American Mathematics at Harvard", Notices of the AMS, volume 56 (2009) pp.916-928.

  • Ph.D. (1976) Northwestern M.S. (1972) Northwestern B.S. (1971) William and Mary