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Alessandro Veneziani


Office: White Hall 305
Phone: 404-727-7925
Personal Website:
Research Groups: Computational and Data Enabled Science

Office Hours:
  • Tuesday 4pm-6pm or By appointment

  • Numerical Approximation of Partial Differential Equations, Preconditioning Techniques, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Domain Decomposition Methods, Multiscale Modeling, Numerical Modeling of the Cardiovascular System, Data Assimilation, Industrial Applications of Scientific Computing

Recent Publications:
  • S. Perotto, A. Reali, P. Rusconi, A. Veneziani, HIGAMod: A Hierarchical IsoGeometric Approach for MODel reduction in curved pipes Tech Report Math & CS Department, Emory, TR-2015-011 (2015), to appear in Comp & Fluids (2016)
  • F. Auricchio, M. Ferretti, A. Lefieux, M. Musci, A. Reali, S. Trimarchi, A. Veneziani Assessment of a black-box approach for a parallel finite elements solver in computational hemodynamics, Tech Report Math & CS Department, Emory, TR-2015-002 (2015), to appear in International Journal of High Performance Computing (2016)
  • Sofia Guzzetti, Tiziano Passerini, Jaroslaw Slawinski, Umberto Villa, Alessandro Veneziani, Vaidy Sunderam Platform and Algorithm Effects on Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications in Life Sciences Tech Report Math & CS Department, Emory, TR-2015-006, to appear in Future Generation Computer Systems (2016)
  • CP Rivera, A Veneziani, RE Ware, MO Platt , Sickle cell anemia and pediatric strokes: Computational fluid dynamics analysis in the middle cerebral artery, Exp Biol Med 241 (7) 755-765, 2016
  • Alfio Quarteroni, Alessandro Veneziani, Christian Vergara, Geometric multiscale modeling of the circulatory system, between theory and practice, Comp Meth Appl Mech Eng, 302, pp. 193-252, 2016
  • Ferdinando Auricchio, Adrien Lefieux, Alessandro Reali, Alessandro Veneziani, A locally anisotropic fluid-structure interaction remeshing strategy for thin structures with application to a hinged rigid leflaet, Tech Report Math & CS Department, Emory, TR-2015-001, Int J Num Meth Eng, doi:10.1002/nme.5159, 2016
  • L. Bertagna, A. Quaini, A. Veneziani, Deconvolution-based nonlinear filtering for incompressible flows at moderately large Reynolds numbers, Tech Report Math & CS Department, Emory, TR-2015-003, Int J Num Meth Fluids, doi: 10.1002/d.4192, 2016

  • PhD in Applied Mathematics - 1998 - University of Milan (ITALY)
  • Graduation in Electronic Engineering - 1994 - Politecnico di Milano (ITALY)

Honors and Awards:
  • SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize 2004 (with A. Quarteroni, P. Zunino)
  • International G. Sacchi Landriani Prize (young numerical analyst) 2007
  • Excellence In Research, The Brain Aneurysm Foundation 2009
  • ACM Most Notable Paper Prize 2014 (with S. Perotto)

  • Member of the Editorial Board of Int J Num Meth Biomed Eng
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Math Problems in Engineering
  • Former consultant of Arena Sport, Ducati Motorcycles, Brembo Brakes, Siemens Medical Solutions
  • Member of SIAM, AMS, American Heart Association
  • Academic Advisor of the Emory Mathematical Modeling Association (EMMA)