Awards and Honors

Marshal Hall Award

The Marshall Hall, Jr., Award recognizes outstanding teaching by a doctoral student in the Department of Mathematics at Emory University. Candidates must have taught for at least two years and, in addition, have strong academic records with promise for excellence in mathematical research. The award is given annually and is intended to help defray educational and research costs. The award was established by the noted algebraist and combinatorialist, and by his friends and family. The Graduate Committee of the Department of Mathematics selects the recipient based upon information received from the entire Department faculty.

Marshall Hall wrote more than 125 research articles, several monographs and four books. He was Editor-in-Chief of the "Journal of Combinatorial Theory A" and served on the boards of many other scholarly journals. His most well-known contributions lie in the areas of projective geometry, and design and coding theory.

Professor Hall attended Yale, graduating in 1936. This was followed by appointments at The Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton (1937), Yale (1938-46), the Ohio State University (1946-59) and the California Institute of Technology (1959-81). In 1973 he was named IBM Professor at Cal Tech and also received the Wilber Cross Medal at Yale. He trained many influential mathematicians: among his PhD students were John Thompson, E. T. Parker, Robert McEliece, and Donald Knuth.

Professor Hall came to Emory as Visiting Woodruff Professor in 1984 and remained here until his death in 1990.

Recipients of the Marshall Hall Award

  • 2022: Alexander Clifton
  • 2021: Maryam Khaqan
  • 2020: Bradley Elliott
  • 2019: Madeline Locus Dawsey
  • 2018: Robert Schneider
  • 2017: Jessica Fuller
  • 2016: Mckenzie West and Clarissa Garvey
  • 2015: Megan Cream
  • 2014: Marie Jameson
  • 2013: Steven La Fleur and Robert Lemke Oliver
  • 2012: Susan Janiszewski
  • 2011: Sebastien Siva
  • 2010: Kinnari Amin and Ha Nguyen
  • 2009: Audrey Malagon
  • 2008: Annika Poerschke
  • 2007: Colton Magnant
  • 2006: Eduardo Tengan
  • 2005: Michael Ferrara
  • 2004: John Schmitt
  • 2003: Heather Garten and Ulrica Wilson
  • 2002: Lisa Perrone
  • 2001: Dionne Bailey
  • 2000: Maria Robinson
  • 1999: Jozef Skokan and Emily Hynds
  • 1998: Andrzej Czigrinow and Brendan Nagle
  • 1997: Jill Faudree and Michelle Wagner
  • 1996: John Nardo and Sergei Pilyugin
  • 1995: John Harris and Jyothi Suresh

Graduate Student Research Award

The Graduate Student Research Award recognizes outstanding research by students working towards degrees in Mathematics. This award is given annually to student(s) nominated by faculty and selected by a group of faculty members designated by the Graduate Committee.

Recipients of the Graduate Student Research Award

  • 2021: Maryam Khaqan and Chang Meng
  • 2020: Lea Beneish and Jackson Morrow
  • 2019: Sofia Guzzetti, Yunyi Hu, Ian Wagner, Samy Wu Fung
  • 2018: Alex Viguerie
  • 2018: Bastian Haase
  • 2018: Massimiliano Lupo Pasini
  • 2018: Olivia Beckwith
  • 2018: Pooya Mobadersany
  • 2018: Safoora Yousefi
  • 2018: Tianlei Xu
  • 2017: Denis Savenkov
  • 2017: Jinfei Liu
  • 2017: Reed Gordon-Sarney
  • 2016: Haoran Li
  • 2016: Huanhuan Yang
  • 2016: Jesse Thorner
  • 2016: Nivedita Bhaskhar
  • 2015: Luca Bonomi
  • 2015: Michael Griffin
  • 2014: Liyue Fan
  • 2014: Marie Jamison